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SEO Coaching – Is That For You?

Perhaps you already know the basics of SEO. You might even have read a few books, taken a course, or digested countless hours studying SEO on YouTube.

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You might even have bought SEO services or used an SEO agency. No matter what your experience is, it is all about heading in the right direction using the right framework.

When we started doing SEO, we did a lot of things wrong – in fact, we still manage to do something wrong – that is a part of testing.

The big difference now is that we test new strategies on test websites before we implement it on real websites.

When you are working with SEO, you must know what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do.

SEO coaching is like mentoring – we focus on your project and your needs.

How we work – 5 Simple steps

The first step is to figure out if we are a good match for each other. We need to have good chemistry. You should feel comfortable and be able to learn and implement.

To figure out if we are a good match, we start the process this way:

  1. You use the contact form and fill out the form
  2. We will contact you for a quick Skype meeting (usually 15-30 minutes) where we would talk about your project and determine if we are a good match for each other (NOTE: We do NOT charge you for this call!)
  3. Based on the Skype meeting we would make you an offer and a plan for some Skype sessions and what we believe would be relevant to get your our website ranked
  4. Based on your feedback, we finalize the program and schedule the first meeting. Usually, it is best to keep those meetings to max an hour pr. session
  5. You get a PayPal invoice that needs to be paid at least three days before the call

What kind of SEO issues can we help you with

  • Keyword research strategy (which tools, which approach, what to target)
  • Content strategy (What to write and HOW to write content that Googles and your audience loves!)
  • Internal linking (How to boost your most important internal URLs)
  • External link building (What kind of links to build and which to avoid)
  • SEO audit (What kind of technical issues do your site have and how to fix them)
  • Why is my competitor ranking (And how do I beat them?)
  • Local SEO (Google My Business listings, citations, etc.)
  • Tools (What to use and how to use them)

How much would it cost me?

SEO coaching does not need to be super expensive. It all depends on how many hours you need our service, and how much you put into action.

The goal is to teach you to avoid mistakes and be able to scale up your business. If someone presented you for an ATM where you could insert a $100 bill and withdraw $150, how long time would you be standing in front of that ATM? 😉

That is SEO in a nutshell – it is like a giant kitchen garden. If you only plant a few seeds, you would not be able to harvest a lot. But if you plant and cultivate your kitchen garden, you would be able to keep harvesting vegetables for free!

What is the most valuable you have?

SEO drives free traffic
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Most people would refer to money as the most valuable they can think of, but one of the things money can’t buy is time – your time!.

If you were supposed to cut down a tree and decided to hire someone to do it for you, what would you prefer:

A) Hire a guy for $40 per hour?
B) Hire a guy for $100 per hour?

Perhaps you need a little more information before you make your choice:

A is using a pickaxe and would do the job in 5-6 hours
B is using a chainsaw and can do the job in one hour

So if your choice would be “B,” we are probably a good match! 🙂

Reach out and contact us – remember, we don’t charge you for the initial call.

We are looking forward to hearing about your project!


Brian and Fabian