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Where To Get Free AI Stock Photos?

By Fabian Pott

January 3, 2021

Where To Get Free AI Stock Photos
Photo by ankarb on Depositphotos

How to get very professional AI Generated Photos for your SEO campaigns?

Every day, I find myself sitting in front of the computer in complete disbelief, rubbing my eyes in confusion because I can’t believe how far this technology has come. The speed of progress is breathtaking. The latest example of Generated Photos shows just how stunning it is.

In an AI project run by NVIDIA at Cornell University in the US state of New York, Tero Karras, Samuli Laine and Timo Aila developed the possibility of using artificial intelligence to alter people’s images in such a way that an extensive library of portraits was created. The special thing about it, however, is that NONE of the developed and published personas really exist on our planet. The data base for the modifications comes from a FlickR image set.

The technique is based on generative adversarial network (GAN). A special kind of machine learning developed in 2014 by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues.

Ok, that is at least the basis of the assumption. With over seven billion people on earth, the probability is certainly very high that there are at least other very similar people. If you take a closer look at the generated images, the uniqueness is then probably only based on some inserted and formative changes. In many pictures there are different eyes or there are changes in the hair. Well, whether that is enough to make them copyright free …. ?

Also known as StyleGAN, the project recently made 100,000 photos of these non-existent portraits available for free use. Besides the fact that you now have a large amount of copyright-free stock photos at your fingertips, the ability to simply create such images is fascinating. The technique behind this project is called Tensor Flow Implementation.

The images themselves are made available for download in a Google Drive directory with a size of 1.6 GB. The directory can be accessed directly via the site of Generated Photos.

For those who want to learn more about the technology behind Generated Photos, I can recommend the following resources:

If you want to watch the entire process in a video, you can get more information here:

If you want to learn more about how to use machine learning to generate and customize realistic images, then read this article!

How can these images be used?

Meanwhile, folks know me and realize that I’m also known for implementing things in the field of SEO that have a slightly different character. But that’s just me and I’m constantly looking for new methods to make my SEO campaigns even more effective and successful.

Of course, I also use personas for this purpose. These personas help me build greater influence both in the sphere of E.A.T. and to give my pages a personality.

I also use this strategy in a slightly different, perhaps a bit questionable way to generate leads via LinkedIn as well as build personas to share all the news and important information in an automated way via social media (especially Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) and thus build a really effective reputation and persona brand.

For those who haven’t done this yet and might want to dive deeper into it, take a read of my review of Chameleon coming in 2021, as it can be used to run all sorts of campaigns that not only get you more attention online (outreach, building personas, creating reviews, for reputation SEO, for ranking GMBs + Youtube Videos, for occupying a Facebook Group etc.), but also provide a really good side income (by generating and selling leads!) that can literally be done from your backyard!

What is important for Chameleon and a professional persona?

Here are the most important points to consider:

  1. Chameleon (Special Launch Offer $69 – as of 01.03.2021)
  2. Proxies (there will be extra tests about this)
  3. VPS Server (Check this)
  4. RSS Feeds (RSS Masher or other tools)
  5. AI Photos (see above!)
  6. A working social media strategy to get more reach and a helpful network
  7. Creativity 🙂 Just subscribe to our newsletter and select the topic about Social Engineering!

Final thoughts

Whatever you do with the above information, I’ll be talking about this topic in more detail in the coming weeks and months. While it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with SEO directly, it’s important to understand that a good network and a good, qualified list of leads and prospects can help you not only support your SEO campaign, but also to always have a backup when Google updates. And that’s what I do specifically with this strategy.

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