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How to work with external SEO copywriters – Inexpensive

By Brian Petersen

January 10, 2021

Content optimization, external SEO copywriters, SEO copywriting

If you are involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are probably well aware of the need for SEO copywriting skills. In this blog post, I will focus on outsourcing the SEO content process by using external SEO copywriters.

All websites aiming for a top position in Google have one thing in common – they need SEO copywriting.

You need to address your target audience with SEO content optimized for both the user and Google – and with a heavy focus on the user intent behind a search query – what is it the user wants to find?

What Is SEO Copywriting And How To Write For SEO?

You need a content brief if you work with external SEO copywriters
SEO copywriting starts with a well crafted content brief

SEO copywriting is basically to optimize an article for a specific keyword and related terms, so the Search Engines would fully understand, index, and hopefully rank your content.

Should You Hire SEO Writers, Train Your Staff, or Order External SEO Copywriting?

First of all, it depends on your niche and the resources you have available in-house. It is tempting to assume you and your staff is the one that knows your business and your products best, but that is not a guarantee that you or your staff can create the kind of SEO content that both the user and Google would love.

Hiring an external SEO copywriter requires that you provide a content brief that provides your writer with enough information to write and optimize an SEO article.

If you have a good content brief, it is easy for an external writer to develop ideas that match the search intent and tap right into your target audience.

As a client, your goal is to educate your external writer to learn about your business, products, services, and customer needs.

How to write SEO content for a website?

The difference between writing content for a website (content marketing) or writing content for a printed publication is that you need to be more direct in your language.

A rule of thumb is that you should write as you talk – imagine your customers sit right next to you, how would you describe your product or service to him/her?

How to get people “hooked” in the introduction

If you have ever seen the movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise, a famous phrase is “You Had Me At Hello.”  If you haven’t watched it, look at this short clip:

It is a perfect example of how it is possible to almost talk yourself out of “getting the sales.

A perfect example is users doing a Google search for “Cupcake recipe.” – There is a pretty good opportunity that the users want to see the actual recipe at the top of your content – so don’t start with the story of who invented the cupcake! 😉

  • In 2019, 74% of marketers used visuals in more than 70% of their content because it works.
  • The top 3 search engine results receive over 66% of all clicks, and since bringing qualified traffic is one of your SEO copywriting goals, most try to get content within the top 3 positions.

Do copywriters need to know SEO?

In reality, no, if you can provide a well structured content brief, they would be able to write the content based on your requirements. As a minimum, I would prefer that the copywriter had some basic knowledge about SEO content writing.

If you are using external SEO copywriters, you should be sure that they have the basic skills to create quality content without keyword stuffing.

What is the difference between content writing and SEO copywriting?

The main difference is that SEO copywriting is content optimized for specific keywords and related terms to obtain organic rankings in the SERPS:

How to write innovative and competitive long-form content

Once again, it all starts with the user’s search intent. You need to figure out what the user needs to find based on Google’s target keyword or search.

The first step is obvious: Try to search on Google for your target keyword and examine the results that are showing up.

How do your competitors structure their content, how are they using paragraphs, headings, and content ranking (product pages, blog post, or other types of content.).

By visually examining your competitors for your target keyword, you get an idea about the visual metrics you can tap into to your advantage to tap into your share of the free organic traffic from Google.

Stepping up your game – time for an unfair advantage?

Being or hiring an SEO content writer is not the biggest obstacle. In fact, the most important task is to use a tool that can help you stream the entire research phase and make a content brief fast.

If you have well research and “easy to follow” content brief, it is not a problem to work with external SEO copywriters.

But don’t worry, I have already made an article about creating content optimized for SEO. I also reveal which tool I am using – and there is a free trial, so what are you waiting for?

Have a look and enjoy the ride and



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