November 16


What’s a Google Drive Stack?

By Fabian Pott

November 16, 2020

And Why Do They Even Rank Your Website?

In this article about Google Stacks, I will tell you everything you need to know about the so-called Google Drive Stacks. Not only will you learn what a Google Stack is, but also how it can be used for more competitive SEO niches.

What is a Google Stack?

A Google Stack is a network that ONLY YOU will control – in the way you want and how it helps you to rank all kinds of keywords. If you are wondering why there are different names here, you should know that Google Stacks are consisting of Google products and Google “Drive” files.

These include Google Site, Sheets, Calendars, Drawings, Image, Docs, Slides, Forms, MyMaps, Google Folder, Google Earth… etc. . Therefore the different names – sometimes Google Drive Stack or just Google Stack, if no drive files were used, but only products like Youtube, Blogger.

Everything that Google offers can also be built into the Google Stack and combined on the Google Site. All these individual Google products are linked together and the entire link juice is directed on the Google Site. Then all Google products are embedded, creating a cycle, and giving the whole Google link wheel more power step by step.

Finally, the Google site ( will link to your money site and thus transfer the entire authority of this stack and thematic relevance.

Why do you need Google Drive Stacks?

You can use these Google Stacks to rank themselves, of course. This is also shown in the picture above. But you can also see that this power has been transferred to the Google My Business listing – normally there is shown a maps pack with 2 other competitors – but the authority from the drive stack is so big, that Google thinks and assumes, that your listing is the most important one.

Google Stack

You can also use this Google Drive Stack to do brand hijacking, to test new and unknown markets, or just in general to extend your own ranking and reach tremendously. And all this without PBNs and without unstable and also dangerous methods, which may give the site a better ranking in the short term, but in the long run will always be exposed to high risk.

Three different uses of Google Drive Stacks

  1. Building links:
    From the Google site itself as well as from all the Google properties you will receive numerous backlinks. These are absolutely safe in every respect because Google would never penalize or devalue its own products in any way.
  2. Ranking your content:
    Thanks to the Google Drive Stack, the power of Google can be used to rank documents of any kind (e.g. PDFs) for highly competitive keywords.
  3. Improve and manage your reputation:
    As mentioned above, it can also be used for brand hijacks. Because this G-Site will rank very quickly after the brand name and sometimes even above it! So if you want to start a very effective and strong reputation campaign, you should definitely take a closer look at Drive Stacks!

How can drive stacks be optimized?

There are several ways to do this. One thing that is clear, however, is that Google Stacks can handle an incredible amount of spam than a “normal” website – even more than authority websites. Because, as mentioned above: Google would never punish its own products!

We use these methods to optimize Google Stacks

  • Backlink automation (RankerX, MoneyRobot, GSA…)
  • Russian Links from Sape
  • Web20s
  • PBNs
  • Tiered Link Building (T2-T6)
  • Press releases
  • CTR Traffic
  • Drive Properties Embeds in Embed Networks
  • Structured Data
  • More content (but curated – e.g. with
  • Onpage Optimization of the Google Stack itself
  • Google Cloud (at least all different types of cloud stacking)

And much more… However, the following is important with this method:

  • A comprehensive keyword research
    As with a normal money site applies here: The better the basics, the better the effect, and the faster the results. When doing keyword research you should rather invest a little more time and energy!
  • Patience
    You should wait at least 6 weeks until off-page measures can be performed!
  • Collect and evaluate data
    As soon as results are obtained, it is important, as with a normal website, that these are interpreted correctly and that a Google Drive Stack can be extended in a meaningful and powerful way.

Are you interested in learning more about Google Drive Stacks? Then sign up now for our newsletter and we will show you case studies where we have applied exactly that – with incredible success!


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