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How To Use An IFTTT Syndication Network To Boost Your SEO in 2020

By Fabian Pott

April 26, 2021

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What is an IFTTT Syndication Network?

An IFTTT syndication network is a network of Web20 properties. This syndication network is used to seed and distribute the blog’s or website’s own content on these online properties – preferably in an automated way. Each time this content appears on Web 2.0. properties, a link is set to the source (the blog, website, Youtube channel, etc.) – with a specific anchor text and a do- or nofollow link. For Syndication Network also Social Fortress, Web 20 link wheel, and IFTTT network are often taken as a synonym.

IFTTT is the software behind this network. This makes it possible to post the content automatically via the various properties – via so-called applets, which you set up manually in IFTTT.

What are the components that make up an IFTTT syndication network?

IFTTT syndication networks usually include a variety of social and Web 2.0 properties on which you can publish and syndicate a wide variety of content.

These properties include:

  • free Blogs
  • Web 2.0s
  • Various social media platforms and profiles
  • Semantic hubs
  • Document sharing sites
  • Video sharing sites
  • Website for free creation of web presences
  • and much more…

What are the types of IFTTT syndication networks?

Basically, there are two basic differences:

There is a Branded Network and a Persona Network. The Branded Network, as the name suggests, is branded on the company name. The Persona Network, on the other hand, is a pure network that represents a person (e.g. a blogger) who blogs about a specific topic. A branded network requires the use of the brand name and the persona network the person’s name across all network accounts!

What are the advantages of an IFTTT Syndication Network?

IFTTT syndication networks can be used in very different ways. There is a whole range of different usages – depending on how they are set up, you can use them in the following ways:

Greater visibility on the web

Since the content is distributed across social media and many different blogs, this automatically increases the chance that it can be seen and read by different visitors. Sometimes this content is actually liked, shared, or sent!

Drive more traffic to the website

Once they click on the link to the source, these people will come to your website! The more content that is written and distributed, the more traffic will come to your website. Small tip: If you curate content that has already been liked and shared many times, this can definitely ensure that it achieves a quite respectable reach and attracts even more visitors to your website.

Improve brand awareness

Through a continuously achieved range and the resulting ever-increasing number of visitors, you will of course also receive returning visitors. These visitors will not only search for keywords, but also for your brand name!

Increase revenue

The more traffic you receive through the syndication network and it lands on your website, the higher the chance that this traffic will sign up for your newsletter, send requests, or simply is going to buy your products and services.

Get more backlinks

Not only you will get backlinks to your website via the connected blogs. You also get corresponding links via all other Web20 properties. Sometimes do- so also nofollow – with different anchor texts. These backlinks are not necessarily super strong but can achieve a pretty impressive boost in the long run, since the amount of links is constantly increasing, but also the authority of the entire network. Of course, this is not the case from the beginning but can develop very strongly within 3-4 months.

Build more authority presence

As described above, authority improves over time. The more you post, the better the quality of the text, the more it is shared, liked, or clicked and the more backlinks are created to them, the faster the authority of the entire network increases. This method is very powerful not only for these reasons, but it also mirrors what big publishers do exactly the same way. This is one of the many reasons why this strategy is so powerful and effective at the same time – and interestingly, still very underestimated.

How can an IFTTT Syndication Network be boosted?

There are all sorts of different options here. However, there are two basic methods.

  1. Content The more, the better. The more relevant, the stronger. The more thematically focused, the more effective. At least 2 postings per week should be done. Small tip: Suitable RSS feeds can significantly increase the frequency when posting and thus support the entire network very effectively!
  2. BacklinksMany different types of backlinks can be used here. PBNs, automated link building (money robot, RankerX, GSA), Sape.ru, redirects…. etc. . These links may well be of slightly lower quality, as they are automatically filtered by the network and their own authority properties, so there is no risk of threatening your own money site.

Final thoughts

If you want to know how to set up such IFTTT Syndication Networks, feel free to join our newsletter or book a personal coaching session.

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