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Bulk Buy Hosting Review: PBN Hosting – 5 Mistakes To Avoid

By Brian Petersen

March 29, 2021

Buy Bulk Hosting review, PBN Hosting, Private Blog Network

PBN Hosting: Buy Bulk Hosting Review PBN hosting review

If you are into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are fully aware that to rank, quality backlinks are an important ranking factor and still a powerful SEO tactic.

You might have heard or read about PBN hosting. I’m going to cover the main pitfalls in this Bulk Buy Hosting review. 

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)

private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of SEO domains you control. Typically, it is expired domains registered and hosted with different web-hosting companies on different IP addresses to avoid footprints.

If all of your domains are hosted with the same provider on the same IP address, it is a major footprint, and it is super easy for others (including Google) to expose your PBN network.

Five steps to avoid potential footprints

  • Register your domains at different domain registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. (if possible, use different personas for each domain)
  • Host your PBNs at different IP addresses with different hosting companies (avoid spammy IP addresses)
  • If you are making WordPress blogs, use different paid themes and different plugins to reduce footprints.
  • Make your WordPress PBN´s look like legit websites – create a persona, set up social media accounts like a Twitter or FB fan page. (Footprint Free WordPress)
  • Theme each PBN – Don’t publish content that is not topically related (like one article about pets and then one about business advice). Publish only quality content!

Important: If you plan to use something like Google Search Console or Google Analytics for your PBNs, you must use different Gmails and login to each account from a different IP to avoid the risk of deindexation (Its a bit tricky, and I advise you not to do that unless you know exactly what you are doing.

PBN Hosting and SEO hosting: Pricing

It can be quite expensive to buy even the cheapest shared hosting plan at different provides.

A typical web host provider typically charge between $70-125 per year – some are offering cheap hosting for the first year, and then the price tag jumps 100% when it is time to renew.

It is simply too expensive and frustrating to set up web-hosting individually at different providers.

Be careful about SEO hosting promising unique IP addresses.

Some providers claim that they offer SEO hosting – and sure enough, you might get a unique IP for each domain.

The biggest risk with that kind of SEO hosting is that it looks weird when you host all of your websites on the same range of IPs – and often, there would only be one website per IP address.


Private Blog Network hosting VS Cloud Hosting

I have nothing against Cloud hosting – I love the cloud! But only for ordinary sites (money sites). Keep in mind that cloud hosting usually offers a dedicated IP address for your site.

If all your PBNs are on unique IP addresses without any other websites, it is an obvious footprint.

Bulk Buy Hosting ( Why is it different?

I have been around the block for many years and tried different reseller hosting like Hostnine, Some SEO PBN hosting servicescloud hosting, and hosting sites individually with different hosting companies on different hosting plans.

One of the things you quickly realize if you plan to set up a Private Blog Network is that it can be a bit overwhelming! Especially if you use individual plans for your sites.

What I want is ONE INTERFACE to all my sites! Life is too short for a spreadsheet with logins and passwords for each site, and then you have to remember when you have to renew an account.

Or you realize that you were on a promo, and now your web-hosting fee is doubled after the first year! (Been there, done that!)

My requirements for a hosting solution for PBN Hosting

  • I want ONE INTERFACE/Dashboard to deal with ALL sites
  • I want to be sure that each domain had UNIQUE NAMESERVERS
  • I want UNIQUE IP ADDRESSES on popular hosts different C nets
  • I want to be able to host on DIFFERENT PREMIUM HOSTS (but at a lower price)
  • I want cPanel and One Click WP installation and easy setup
  • I want to avoid footprints and risk factors
  • Speed is crucial!
  • I want access to technical support.
  • Affordable prices

I tried a few – one service that was highly appreciated with many positive reviews posts and seemed to match my list of features and requirements. – And it was an affordable option for PBN hosting.


Yes, all the features were there, but all the sites I added were SUPER SLOW. I reached out to a few other SEO guys I know, and they had the same experience with that company. THE SPEED WAS HORRIBLE!.

I addressed it to the support,  who was not able to do a thing about it. So I canceled my subscription within the first month – Good thing is I only had a few sites there. Horrible customer experience!.

A friend of mine recommended Buy Bulk Hosting – and I started to do my own research.

My first impression and the key features

I started to browse, and the first thing that caught my attention was their key features:

  • They offer free site migration.
  • They have partnered up with some of the major premium hosting companies (see image below)
  • They offer a PBN site builder (They would build your PBN for you with content, logo, etc.)
  • Real Class C IP addresses on different servers (you can host hundreds of sites if you want)
  • They offer a hosting API if you like to integrate with other of your applications.
  • They offer a 30-day trial! (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Bulk Buy Hosting providers

Even before I signed up as a customer, I started to read some of their guides – those guides are GOLDEN.

If you have never built a PBN before, I suggest you start to read those guides! (Those guys know about SEO! – excellent resources)

The Interface of Buy Bulk Hosting

Bulk Buy Hosting control panel
The control panel of Bulk Buy Hosting

I love the intuitive user interface – smooth as silk!

It is super easy to add a site (they even offer to migrate existing PBNs you might have with other hosts).

The process of adding a site is basically two steps:

1. Add your domain name

2. Change your nameservers (custom name servers)

That’s it!

The setup process

It only took a couple of minutes to add my first site at Buy Bulk Hosting dashboard using the steps above – a very smooth setup process!

I like the little nifty feature that is showing the domain authority of your site (domain metrics)

At the right, there is a big fat login button that would take you right into the site’s cPanel!.

If you are familiar with Cpanel, you know it only takes a few clicks to install a fresh WordPress – very nice layout.

Cpanel offers complete control and many hosting options, like if you want to integrate with Content Delivery Networks, setup Email addresses.

You can setup a team of different users with access to your sites (a nice feature if you work with external developers and don´t want to grant them access to all of your sites).

Buy Bulk Hosting Pricing is not offering the lowest prices on the market, but compared to the quality of the popular hosting companies they work with, it is still a competitive price they offer.

You are probably not building a network of sites with thousands of domains, and the good thing is that you can start small.

I suggest you start with 10 domains – you can try the service for $10 for 10 domains the first month – then the price is $29 per month.

The bigger your network grows, the cheaper the price gets – down to $1.82 per site per month – that is cheap hosting in my book!.

You can signup to Buy Bulk Hosting here.

IMPORTANT: Remember Buy Bulk Hosting offers a no-risk 30-day full money-back guarantee! 

The Hosting Speed: Measured by LightHouse

Good load speed at

I run a lighthouse test on a WP site on one of my accounts. The site was not even optimized, but pretty fast right off the bat!.

The support offered by Buy Bulk Hosting

I tested their support by asking a tricky question related to DNS. After a few minutes from a supporter, I got a response that told me that he was not able to answer my question but forwarded it.

Less than an hour after, I not only got the correct answer – the 2. level support even included a recommendation.

That shows me that they run the hosting company I like – they know their setup and help the customer!.

Kudos to their customer service so far!

Q & A about PBN hosting

Q: What makes your PBN Hosting safe?

A: You use different PBN hosting providers with different Class C IP addresses and avoid footprints

Q: What is Private Blog Network aka PBN Hosting

A: A PBN is a network of websites (typical blogs) that is hosted on different IP addresses

Q: Can I use restored websites?

A: A lot of SEO´s use a strategy by restoring the original content on their PBN. It can be done, but you might face legal problems with copyrights or trademarks if you use content or logos and images!

Q: What is PBN hosting?

A: PBN Hosting is a solution that allows you to host and manage your private blog network in one place with one interface

Q: What are the potential footprints?

A: Potential footprints care if others can see that your sites are built as PBN´s and connected.

Q: Why I need PBN Hosting?

A: You don’t! Why sign up and manage a lot of accounts at different hosting companies if you can get a cheaper rate and stick with one interface to manage all of your sites???

Q: How Is SEO Hosting Different from PBN Hosting?

A: SEO hosting is usually web hosting with the same IP range. PBN hosting uses different Class C IPs from different hosting providers

Q:  Why Use Managed PBN Hosting?

A: Let me put it this way – you know what support is when you realize it is NOT INCLUDED! 😉

Q: Is it against Google’s terms of services to build PBNs?

A: Let me put it this way – Google doesn´t like you to build links because it WORKS if you can gain backlinks from authority websites. They rather want you to spend your money on Google Ads.

Conclusion: Is Buy Bulk Hosting worth your hard-earned money?

If you need a reliable host and run a network of sites, my short answer would be a big yes!

Speed and stability are critical – also for your PBNs, so they require premium hosts.

Everything runs smoothly, and I love the control panel. Their support is competent and has a decent response time.

I have already decided to try their service and let them build one of my PBNs from scratch, saving me a lot of time and money.

I hope you got an overview of PBN hosting, and this Buy Bulk Hosting review was helpful.

Now you are ready to scale up your link-building strategies!

But hey, don’t just take my words for it – try yourself! 🙂

Life is too short for bad hosting!

All the best,



Buy Bulk Hosting Review
Summary is by far the best PBN host I have tested so far. If you plan to build a private blog network, this is your host!.
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value for Money
Likelihood to Recommend
Fantastic interface - Intuitive and easy to use
Premium hosting partners
Cpanel to all PBNs you host
Very good guides!
The support knows what they are talking about
30 days money back guarantee
A bit more expensive than other PBN host, but the speed and quality of the hosting makes is great!
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