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7 Reasons Why You Need A Backlink Indexer For Your Backlinks

By Brian Petersen

February 21, 2021

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Do you You Need A Backlink Indexer for your backlinks

If you are working with SEO and Search Engines, you probably already know that external backlinks pointing to your website is a huge ranking factor, but do you need a backlink indexer?

In this blog post, I will try to explain a bit about backlinks and when to use a link indexer, and when not to. 

Why you need a backlink indexing service for SEO

First of all, a backlink is entirely useless unless it is indexed in Google and no link juice is being passed to your website.

Link building is a process that requires both time and money, but building links is not beneficial for your SEO marketing strategy unless those backlinks are getting indexed in Google. 

A backlink is only passing link juice when you find it inside Google’s index.  

How would I know if a link is in the index or not?

That part is quite simple to test, and you just make a site operator search in Google:

  • Step 1: Go to Google.com
  • Step 2: Type in: site: + your URL: Example: site:https://seogeeklab.com/linkassistant-review/
  • Perform the search – if your URL shows up as the first result (Under try Google Search Console), your URL is indexed (see screenshot)
    Checking if an URL is Indexed in Google

If you need to test many URLs in bulk, you might need a tool like Scrapebox +private proxies (I have been using Instant Proxies for years, ten proxies = $10 per month.)

Scrapebox is a great SEO tool if you want to check and monitor backlinks being indexed.  

How long time does it take for a link to hit Google´s index?

It depends on what kind of backlink it is and the authority of the site. For a contextual backlink within an article on an authority website, indexing can happen within hours.

Web 2.0 properties usually within 3-7 days (provided that you are using indexing service).

Why are my backlinks not being indexed?

Not all links are being treated equally by Google – especially links from sites with minimum content like forum profile links.

It can also be hard to get Web 2.0 accounts and profiles indexed. Even the domains by themself have pretty high domain authority.

Social profiles are another example of sites that are not always being indexed.

Google is smart enough to consider content and account age before a link is included in the index.

Ping: The old way of getting links in the index

Back in the “good old days,” a ping was usually enough to get a backlink indexed. You could use a pinging software or service, and basically, just upload thousands of links per day and wait for the magic to happens.

Pinging is not effective today – so no need to chase for pinging software or service. 

Should I use a backlink indexer for my domain?

Since you have complete control over your domain, it is way easier to get your content indexed naturally. 

The first step is to hook up your domain on Google Search Console and then submit an XML sitemap inside Google Search Console.

That way, Google is being notified every time you publish a piece of content on your website.

A good strategy for your content is to share it on your various social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. 

That creates traffic to your content and remembers that Google has many touchpoints like Google Analytics, Android devices, and the Chrome browser.

One of my favorite tools for Social Media syndication is a nifty little tool called Publer

With Publer, you can schedule or auto syndicate all of your content across your Social Media accounts. 

Automated link building and indexing

Many tools can build links, but there is also a lot of crap that can genuinely hurt your website.

One of the tools that have been around for many years (and one I have been using for more than eight years) is GSA SER Ranker

GSA can create profiles, post content, and articles entirely on autopilot – but it also has some kind of a learning curve. 

A friendly warning: Unless you know exactly what you are doing, I would not recommend using GSA for building backlinks directly to your money site, but for tier 2 and 3 links, it can make a massive impact.

GSA can run multiple threads and build thousands of backlinks per day. They offer API access to the most popular indexers.

With API access, the software submits your backlinks automatically to the indexer.

GSA offers a free trial here

How many links per day, and what kind of results can you expect?

For tier one links (A backlink pointing directly on your money site), it is more about the quality than the quantity.

Here your SEO link building strategy should be focusing on generating high authority links from websites within the same niche.

A few links per day should be enough to see some positive momentum in Google. 

To build authority backlinks, I would suggest that you focus your time on a tool like Link-Assistant.

You can read my Link-Assistant review here.

For tier 2, 3, and forward you can create way more links per day, especially to websites with a high domain authority DA70+ like Web 2.0 sites.

Results – What can you expect?

Rome was not built in a day, so just to set the expectations right, you will never expect a 100% index ratio of your backlinks.

Once again, it is about the quality of the sites you are using for link building and the nature of the links.

Contextual links inside an article have a way higher chance to get indexed compared to forum profile links.

To increase your backlinks’ success rate in Google, you might consider getting access to more than one indexer. 

Several indexers improve the positive results, and it is possible to index up to 70% of your contextual quality backlinks. 

Typically backlinks from Web 2.0 pages would be indexed in Google within 4-7 days if you use an indexer service.

SEO takes time and patience – so it is a waste of time every day to check if your backlinks are indexed or not.

What kind of Indexing services should you use?

First of all, it depends on how many backlinks you need to build and how you want to use the indexer service in your link building strategy. 

If you build a few links and just need to submit them manually, you don’t need an indexer service that provides an API. 

Then you could sign up for a service like Link Centaur and submit your links manually and save a bit of money. 

If you are building thousands of links per month and use software like GSA SER, you need a service that can work in the background indexing your backlinks.

A few of the services I would recommend (which I use) is

Link Centaur (Cheap and solid service)

BacklinkIndexer (A bit more expensive but with a high indexing ratio)

Both of the indexing services above support both API and manual link submission.

Conclusion and results

Working with SEO marketing and link building indexing must be an essential part of your backlink strategy.

The chances are that you lose up to 70% of the potential link juice if you are not using a backlink indexer.

So if you take your link building seriously, make sure your links are indexed. It is money well spent. 


Q: How do I index my backlinks?
A: You submit your backlinks to a backlink indexing service

Q: How long does it take for a backlink to be indexed?
A: It depends on the type of backlinks and the authority of a site – from less than an hour to never

Q: How do you check if your backlinks are indexed?
A: You make a site operator search in Google (site:your-backlink-URL)

Q.What does Google indexing mean?
A: That means that a URL is included in Google’s index (Showing up in the SERPS)

Q.What is crawling and indexing?
A: Crawling is when Google bot visits a website, indexing is when the URL added to Google’s index over websites

Q: Do backlinks building services like Backlink Indexer work well?
A: It depends on the type of backlinks you built – low-quality links like forum profiles are hard to index. Contextual links from articles usually work fine.  

Q: Which indexer is best for indexing your backlinks in SEO?
A: Using more than one backlink indexer tool usually improves your results and the chances of getting your backlinks indexed

All the best,


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