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White Label SEO Reports – How To Make Customized SEO Reports

By Brian Petersen

March 7, 2021

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White Label SEO Reports - Why You Need it
What to focus on in White Label SEO Reports

Any digital marketing company that works with SEO needs white label SEO reports.

A white label SEO report is way beyond a rank checker, so you need a tool to make an SEO deep-dive and extract the data.  

It would be a bit unprofessional to do SEO campaigns and then expose your clients to which tool you use for reporting.

If you expose your clients to which tools you are using, they might get the idea to do a simple search and purchase the tool themself and do their own data monitoring to cut you out of the loop.

White Label: What To Consider Before Choosing A Tool

First of all, you must customize at least the branding to make a white label design.

For branding and marketing, you need to add your logo, company address, and it is a bonus if you can change “the look and feel” like the colors and perhaps where and how certain elements are being displayed in the client’s reports.

If you can customize your reports, you can set up templates that can be reused for additional clients’ projects and websites.

The tool should have an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to set up and customize your reports.

SEO Reports And The Quality Of The Reporting Tools

Custom branding features should be mandatory for any agency, but you also need to choose a reporting tool that can provide a certain quality of the SEO audits you produce to your clients.

Just because a tool can make some stunning SEO audits, it doesn’t matter if the data inside is useless. 

You need to rely on the data to use SEO reports as both a guideline for your agency and your clients’ progress reports.

Reports For Clients: Typical Pinpointers In A SEO Report  

As an agency, you would often make a kind of retainer agreement with your SEO clients. 

So the ideal setup would be to set up SEO client reports, showcasing that your SEO efforts are working for their domain.

Some of the key metrics in your white label SEO audits could be

  • The visibility of the campaign: – How is your client’s domain doing compared to the competitors
  • Keyword tracking/rank checker:- How is the target keywords rankings in the SERP (Search Engines) 
  • Content performance: How well is the target content of the website optimized?
  • Outreach link building Report: How is it going with the external link building
  • Technical SEO Audit: An overview of technical website optimization stuff that needs to be fixed on the website
  • Local SEO (Citation building services): If you are working with local SEO (Google My Business), you should be able to showcase which citations you have been building.
  • Google Analytics integration: If your customer is already using Google Analytics, it will be beneficial if your audit tool integrates directly. 

It should be possible to set up automated audits and reporting so that you can share great ranking results in Google with your customers either via an online dashboard or via a PDF report.  

SEO, Marketing And White Label SEO Reporting

Marketing people usually love reports they can understand.

If you provide PDF reports, there is a good chance that those reports would be shared with several people inside and maybe even outside the company.

If it is a marketing person that buys your SEO service, there is a good chance that that person has a budget – and your progress report is the key to continue the funding for the SEO retainer.

Using White Label SEO Reports Is More Than Just Providing Website Data.

Custom SEO reports and fancy dashboards are fantastic – if the reviewer understands them!.

Based on my experience, SEO is a complex world for many people. 

No matter how good your tools are reporting features are, it is all down to the marketing person in the other end that tries to comprehend what good all this mumbo jumbo with do for their website in Google.

It would be best if you taught your clients in advance how to dissect the data in the reports you provide – else. There is no idea of providing those reports in the first place if no one has a clue how to decode the data.

The same goes for dashboard reporting – teach your clients how to use and search for information inside the dashboard and understand the data regarding their website’s SEO performance.

Get them hooked on tracking a keyword and understand the analytics of the data. 

SEO and marketing are a bit more interesting to follow when people start to see and understand their website’s impact.

The Problem Of Using Different SEO Tools For White Label Reports

It is not unusual for an agency to use SEO tools from different vendors to extract different data types. 

There are countless great audit tools available, but one of the problems with using different tools is combining all of these data for your clients.

The keyword here is simplicity can have access to all the tools and domain data in the world if you cannot combine and present those data in a structured format for your clients.

As an agency owner, you don’t have the time to search between different tools to copy and paste a report together.

Instead of combining tools, a better idea is to find a solution that can provide all the SEO domain data you need for your custom report.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does It Ever Make Sense Doing Reporting Yourself?
A: Not if you have to copy/paste data from different resources – you need a service/tool where you can extract data and make reporting easy

Q: What makes white label SEO better?
A: If you want to establish an SEO agency, you need to brand yourself – not just show which tools you are using and promote third parties. 

Q: What is white label SEO reselling?
A: White label SEO reselling is if you use an SEO subcontractor to carry out a service and sell it in your own name.

Q: What is White Label SEO Reporting?
A: That you can provide an SEO report using your own branding instead of promoting a third party tool or survive

Q: What does White label SEO Audit mean?
A: Whitelabel SEO audit means that you conduct an SEO audit for a client using your own branding rather than promoting the service or tool you are using

Q: What Should You Look For In a Platform? 
A: You should look for a platform that lets you build and customize branded reports for your needs

Q: White Label SEO Reporting Tools: Why Use Them? 
A: If you extract data from a branded third-party tool, you are branding their service – not yourself. 

Conclusion: My Recommendation For White Label SEO Audits And Reporting 

My recommendations for White Label SEO Reports


As you have probably guessed, I am an advocate for a one-stop solution.

It is way easier to take care of the reporting if you can extract and produce reports directly from the SEO tools you work with within your business daily.

Processes like link-building outreach campaigns can be complex, and it can be even more complex to set up a report showing the progress.

I like to set up auto-generated reports, so clients would know that every Monday or twice a month, they would get a report showing the progress.

One of my all-time favorite tools is SEO Powersuite. All of the tools work great together, and you can customize the daylights out of your reports.

So if you need to provide white label SEO reports or consider starting an SEO agency, this is a great tool!

But don´t just take my word for it! SEO Powersuite offers a FREE TRIAL! 

To your success,



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