Nichesss Review: Ai Powered Content Creation

Nichesss uses AI to create your marketing content
Nichesss is a great tool if you want to use an AI Marketing Copy Generator. At a price, it is a bargain! - incredible that there are unlimited credits/tokens and extra charge. I was amazed by the quality of the content Nichesss produced.
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value for Money
Likelihood to Recommend
Lifetime deal: No limitations of the used (Similar tools are often with limited credits)
Great for creating ideas
I love the feature of generating Ads copies
Large free to join FB comminity
Dedicated founder/developer
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
My first impression was that the UI was a bit cluttered
I would love to see the ability to create full blog posts
Grab It Before The Lifetime Deal Expires

Creating content is time-consuming, so it might be tempting looking into Ai powered content creation, and that’s exactly what I am planning to do in this Nichesss review.

What is Ai-powered content?

Nichesss uses AI to create your marketing content

Nichesss Review – AI-Powered content creation

AI-powered content is computer-generated content based on machine learning and natural language processing

You basically feed a computer with a keyword, and based on artificial intelligence; the computer is doing the content creation for you.

Artificial intelligence and content marketing 

Using artificial intelligence to do your content marketing seems tempting – how cool would it be if you can use AI tools to automate your content marketing?

Hopefully, this blog post would inform you if content automation should be a part of your future online marketing strategy for your website. 

SEO content  

Working with SEO, we are dealing with artificial intelligence daily – Google. You have probably already heard about Google´s Rank Brain Algorithm

That is Google´s way of trying to understand the user’s search intent by using artificial intelligence.  

Is AI-powered content is the SEO marketers’ chance to beat Google?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence tools and cloud services are getting better and better, but I would not rely completely on AI tools for my content strategy. 

Even AI tools are getting smarter. It is too early to depend entirely on ai-powered computers for your digital marketing strategy. 

But granted, with the proper training, those tools are definitely getting more accurate over time. 

The tools available now are way more accurate compared to some of the first-generation tools.  

Testing a tool for content automation

Nichesss Features

Frontpage of Nichesss

Working with SEO, there is a constant release of new tools – it is actually easy to suffer from the shiny object syndrome

Appsumo is a well-known marketplace that many users are familiar with – and quite often, new tools are released at a bargain price.

I must admit that I have bought a few tools that called for a refund during my ears, but Appsumo has 60 days no money-back guarantee.

I have used this feature a few times – no hassles or questions asked, and a refund is issued on the spot.

This time I found a tool called Nichesss” claiming to use artificial intelligence and should be able to create a different kind of automated content. 

Here is a few examples of what it can do:

  • Find niches and business ideas.
  • Created ideas for social media posts (Twitter tweets and Instagram posts)
  • Write your newsletter or come up with subject lines.
  • Provide ideas for YouTube videos for any niche
  • Tell you what you need to say in your YouTube videos.
  • AI idea generator
  • Blog intro or outline text
  • Unlimited tokes to be used for content creation

I usually start by reading the reviews – for this tool, it was 5 star all over and 80 reviews. So that was a good starting point.

A few marketers were complaining a bit about the interface of Nichesss, but for generating ai-driven content, it seemed to be solid, so I decided to give it a spin.

The first impression of Nichesss`s Ai Powered Content Creation

Nichesss Interface - Ai Powered Content

Working with Nichesss is easy.

I must admit that in the beginning, I was also a bit confused when I saw the interface of Nichesss. 

It looked a bit cartoonish and cluttered, but I got familiar with the interface after playing with it for a few minutes.

But let us dive into it – how do Niches work?

First, you choose a template and fill out the blanks. You have several different options like:

  • Start marketing plan
  • Image post
  • Short post
  • Blogs
  • Feedback
  • Ads
  • YouTube
  • Emails
  • Products

There are also idea quizzes, where you can get business ideas.

The business idea Quizzes consist of:

  • Passion  Quiz
  • Problem Quiz
  • People Quiz
  • Skillset Quiz
  • Hobby Quiz
  • Talent QuizThe final area is “Search & Reports and consist of
  • Browse communities
  • My ideas
    My content

You pick one of the above and answer a few questions, and Nichess will create ai-power content.

My test of Nichess based on the “Start Marketing Plan.”

When you choose “Start Marketing Plan, you need to fill in your business name, so I came up with the business name “The AI Content Factory” as a company name for this test.

Then I was asked: What does your business do? And I entered “We deliver AI written content to marketers.” 

Then I needed to choose a category, and I chose: Services.

The final step was to choose the parts of my content plan to be air-powered, so I chose:

  • Blog post into
  • Blog Post outline
  • Email subject and body
  • Short post (Inspirational)
  • Facebook ads


Finally, I had to provide a headline, so I wrote: “How to save 70% on your content creation”. 

Let’s look at the content created by Nichess (Note I haven’t edited anything!) 

The first output was the Blog Post Intro, and here I got two results:

Example 1:

How to save 70% on your content creation

The AI Content Factory exists to help marketers overcome their content creation challenges. The factory is the only service of its kind to function by using artificial intelligence to write, distribute, and promote content, saving marketers time and energy. The Factory’s team of writers is comprised of journalists, bloggers, and social media experts. Each writer specializes in a particular topic. For example, one AI writer is a successful entrepreneur and blogger, while another is a former New York Times editor.

Example two:

How to save 70% on your content creation

The AI Content Factory’s innovative technology can create content that is indistinguishable from the human written content. And unlike human writers, our technology can work tirelessly around the clock at a fraction of the cost. Consider a blog post that you must-have for SEO and the social media universe. With our technology, you can have this post in hand in as little as two days. It will be perfectly optimized for your target audience and the search engines.

The next output was for “Blog Post Outline,” and here I got different examples to choose from:

Example 1:

How to save 70% on your content creation

  1. We use AI to write your content 2. Avoid those writing mistakes 3. You have to pay a lot of money for content

Example 2:

How to save 70% on your content creation

  1. Tips for optimizing blog posts for SEO 2. How to improve your content writing skills 3. How to find and hire an AI content writer. Blog Post Idea: Write bullet points for a blog post titled “What’s new in BuddyPress 2.3?” on a (WordPress) blog called “WPMU DEV” that is described as “The WordPress dev blog.”

Example 3:

How to save 70% on your content creation

  1. What is AI content 2? How to get started with AI content 3. How to sell it to customers

Example 4:

How to save 70% on your content creation

  1. B2B vs. B2C 2. Writing for a Niche vs. The Big Markets 3. What to do to your Content after it is written

Content created for “Email – Subject and Body (Newsletter)” 

How to create ai content: 7 tips to get started.

 How do you create ai content? Is it even possible? Here’s how to get started.

And for the body of the email:

Have you ever heard the story of the little girl who cried wolf? It’s become a bit of a cliche, but the story is important because it teaches us about the danger of crying wolf when there is no wolf.  That could be the risk if your content is not “smart,” it could be ignored when it really needs to be read. Of course, there are other reasons your content might not be read. It could be boring, weak, or just plain ugly. This is where AI Content Factory comes.

Output for the Facebook Ads

Example 1

Not every piece of content your company produces will be a hit. But with our AI technology, you’ll always be sure to deliver the highest quality content every time.

Example 2

3-4 hours per article   $50 Want to get your product or service in front of an audience of marketers? We take your input and turn it into compelling content.

Example 3

The AI Content Factory will make your organic content even more viral by giving you more social shares and more backlinks. 

Example 4

We deliver high-quality AI-written content to marketers. Our team of data scientists and professional writers is ready to write and deliver your custom content. Ad Settings: We have finally reached the final post of this epic mini-series. This segment has given you all the knowledge required to create profitable Facebook ads. Remember, Facebook has an entire team dedicated to stopping people like us. Because of this, I highly recommend thoroughly follow the advice detailed in the first 4 parts of this series.


Q: What is Nichesss?
A: Nichesss is an AI-Based tool that can help you with ideas and write automated content.

Q: What is AI-Powered content?
AI-powered content is computer-generated content based on machine learning and natural language processing.

Q: How much does nichesss cost?
A: For a limited time, you can get a lifetime deal for $59

Q: What can Nichesss help you with?
A: Blog posts, ideas for YouTube videos, Social Media posts, and much more…

Q: Does Nichess create human-readable content?
A: Yes, the quality is actually quite impressive

Nichesss Review Conclusion:

After playing around with Nichess for a couple of hours, I am actually quite impressed.

Once I got familiar with the interface, it was easy to start the content creation, and it was interesting and fun to see the output.

Sounds pretty human and especially useful if you are looking for ideas when you are creating content. It fits perfectly with another tool I use to create content optimized for SEO.  

I like the automation of creatives for ads – that a brilliant little feature.

Unlike other credit-based content creation tools, Nichess requests are unlimited, and it is a lifetime deal.

You don’t need a lot of training to use Nichesss, and you should be familiar with the interface within 10 minutes. 

Don’t expect to win writing academy awards, but use it as a tool for inspiration and ideas.  

There is a supporting Facebook group with more than 1.400 members – and the developer of Nichesss is very active in the community.

If you want to play with Ai Powered Content Creation, now is the right time!

With a price tag of $59 for a lifetime deal with unlimited credits, this is a no-brainer! (Remember there is a 60 days money-back guarantee!)

Get Nichess before the deal closes! 


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